Fashion Tips: How To Wear Leather Accessories Like a True Fashionista

Accessories are the ideal complement for anyone who exudes style and self-confidence. Fashion accessories may offer that extra flair to an outfit by encouraging professionalism while still radiating charm. You can definitely find the ideal accessory for any outfit, from totes to belts and wallets! Whether you're at work or on vacation, accessories can complement both a casual and formal look. Accessories are the simplest way to elevate any outfit to the next level. A classic watch with a brown genuine leather belt adds a touch of elegance to your style, while an animal print belt (eg. leopard print belts, cow prints belts etc.) allows your personality to shine through without you having to dress up too much. 

Every day, four out of every five people wear at least one leather item. Leather has been around since dawn, yet we still can't get enough of it. It's because leather is a timeless style and a fashion statement that allows us to be more creative with our styles while staying minimal and sustainable. 

Even when you have fantastic clothes in your wardrobe, if you don't have the correct leather accessories to go with them, you are surely losing the style battle. When it comes to putting together your wardrobe, leather accessories are crucial. Leather has been a staple of fashion for nearly the length of man's history. Everyone requires high-quality leather goods. The leather is luxurious and having the right accessory will help you stand out from the crowd. However, when it comes to accessories, it's easy to go overboard and seem sloppy if you don't know how to properly wear them. Sometimes, it's not easy to style leather accessories, and even the most stylish among us struggle from time to time. The key is to keep it simple and avoid going overboard. 

We do not want you to make this mistake. So we've created a list of tips and great leather accessories to assist you to enhance your style game.

Here's everything you need to know about why leather is so great, what to look for when buying it, and how to care for it once you've got it.

Leather, particularly faux leather, is currently popular in fashion. Aside from the usual colours of black and brown, brands are showcasing more colours and most of which are neutral, so can be simply incorporated into your existing wardrobe.

Before we get into the styling tips, there are a few things to bear in mind while buying, styling, and caring for leather and faux leather accessories:

  • Genuine leather comes from excess animals' skin. It is breathable, long-lasting, and durable, as well as being ageless. Using genuine leather fashion items is one of 
  • Faux leather is composed of artificial components, whereas vegan leather is made of algae and cork, among other things. These are less expensive alternatives to genuine leather, but they will deteriorate with time.
  • Another inexpensive option is waxed leather. The waxed finish has the same texture and gloss as the genuine article.
  • Leather complements various textures such as suede, velvet, and silk. But save the leather on leather for the ultimate in-power dressing!
  • Genuine leather should be spot-cleaned with dish soap and warm water or taken to a professional cleaner. Vegan, waxed, and faux leather can all be washed, but only if the manufacturer's instructions are followed.

Now let's get to the fun part: styling!

Here are a few essential leather accessories every woman should have in her wardrobe:

Leather Belt

A Quality Genuine Leather Belt

Normally, the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of a leather accessory is either a leather belt or a leather jacket. A classic leather belt is no doubt a timeless fashion item, adding so much flair to an ensemble while also being practical and classy. And with so many options, from wide waist leather belts to thin coloured belts, a wide range of colours, and even the decision between cow leather and the new brown leather, there is no shortage of options. You should have at least two classic leather belts. One black belt silver buckle and one brown belt gold buckle, preferably. But if you don't want to get two belts and overcrowd your closet, the best choice would be a quality reversible leather belt. These belts are perfect for people that are currently having or have just switched to a minimal lifestyle. Or fashion-wise, those that pursue 90s minimalism (which is the most favourite 2023 fashion trend) where you would pair simple tops and bottoms in neutral or monotone colours, and top up with chic and timeless accessories like a double ring genuine leather belt (a perfect choice as Gucci belt dupe) or a wide range of feminine and elegant knot leather belts. 

womens classic brown belt gold buckle

A Nice Leather Jacket

A decent leather jacket can greatly affect your look. It is a must-have piece of clothing for any wardrobe. No outfit is complete without some leather outerwear, from the classic motor jacket to comfortable types. There is a suitable jacket for everyone, regardless of style and budget. A leather jacket can be worn for practically any occasion, depending on what is worn underneath it. Whether paired with jeans and a T-shirt or a long dress, you can dress up or down any outfit and appear effortlessly beautiful.. Combine it with a soft, feminine dress for a beautiful afternoon look. It can also be worn on top of a cocktail dress or gown for a special occasion.

Leather Jacket

Leather shoes are an absolute must-have

A good leather shoe is difficult to beat. Leather shoes are popular among women and men all over the world because they are naturally waterproof, incredibly durable, and extremely comfortable. Nothing complements an attire like a great pair of leather shoes, and they may make the difference between a "fine" looking outfit and a podcast one. The simple leather shoe has been around for hundreds of years in some form or another, proving that millions of people can't be wrong in their selections! 

Leather Shoes

Get a nice genuine leather wallet

Your wallet is constantly with you. As a result, you should pay close attention to this small yet crucial component of your outfit. Leather wallets have always been the favoured material over other materials due to their durability. In fact, they are so durable that under the appropriate conditions, a single wallet can last a lifetime. There's also something really nice about a decent leather wallet, and choosing the proper one to go with those leather shoes while wearing a formal dress just completes the look.

Get your favourite leather bag

Leather bags are another item that comes to mind when thinking of the word "leather." One of the most essential accessories a woman cannot leave the house without is her bag. A simple and elegant genuine leather purse is both handy and essential, and every female should own at least one. It brings contrast to your outfit— pair it with a dress or a basic pair of jeans and a t-shirt for a terrific mix that's both comfortable and fashionable. They come in a wide range of sizes, forms, purposes, and compartments. Depending on the occasion and outfits, genuine leather bags can come in a wide range of colours, prints, designs and leather finishes. For example, a genuine leather backpack would suit best for athleisure outfits and activewear. An elegant floral clutch bag with gold chains or a genuine leather envelope clutch are perfect choices for both daily wear and special events like weddings, parties, hens and date nights.  Or if you want to try out some trends this year - The latest ring handle handbag trend is definitely the item to go for with the 90s-inspired ring staple and modern minimal shape. 

Leather Bag 1

Aside from the above items, of course, there are many other leather accessories out there that you can accessorize your look with them such as leather earrings, leather necklaces, leather wrist straps, and even more. Whatever accessory you choose, make it leather, and match it with your outfit and style.


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