How To Measure Your Belt Size? The Easiest Way!

Belt Measurement

Here in this article will show you how to choose the correct belt size. in order to find the perfect belt size you need to consider the following first:

How to know what size belt you need?

For the most accurate results, measure around where you wear your belt through your pants' belt loops and compare to the size table below. This is the belt size you'll need to order. If the number is odd, round it up to the next even number.

How can you quickly check your belt size?

If you know your clothing size, use the table below to find the correct belt size by converting the standard S M L size to inches and centimetres. The belt size listed in the table is the one you'll need to purchase.

What is the best way to choose a belt size based on your pant size?

Simply "add 2" to your pant size to find belt size. If you have a 34" waist in your trouser, a 36 belt size will suit perfectly. Most people will discover that this basic method works best with pants that are worn at a standard waistline height–near the natural waistline. Consider adding 3 or 4 sizes to your pant size when buying a belt to use with low-rise pants or jeans.

Converting Pant or Trouser Size to Belt Size
In US/UK/AU standard size.

What should you consider when choosing a belt size?

To ensure a comfortable fit, we recommend choosing a belt that is 2 inches larger than your normal pant size. If you already have a belt, don't measure it from end to end. You won't be able to get an accurate size that way. To find the correct size, measure from point A to point B as shown in the picture below.

How are belts measured?

The belt is measured from the point where the strap meets the buckle to the middle hole. In general, the length between the middle hole and the end of the belt is 15cm. The buckle length is not included in our measurement.

Belt Size


 How to Convert Belt Sizes from Inches to Centimetres Using the S M L Structure?

How Convert Belt Sizes from Inches to Centimetres Using the S M L Structure to?

 *Keep the following in mind:

  • As some pant manufacturers don't follow the standard sizing, it's recommended to measure your waist (with having your pants on and through the belt loops) rather than depending on what's printed on the label of the pants or your other belts.
  • It would be better to avoid measuring your waist when you wear a pant made from thick materials since this might expand the size of your waist. This is why it is important to take your measurements while wearing your pants and underwear.
  • Belt sizes should never be rounded down. It is considerably easier to add a hole to a belt than it is to return and replace a belt.
  • Leather belts tend to expand with time. Even more so with braided belts. It's important to remember that a belt that fits snugly at first will likely wear more comfortably later on.





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