More few questions to consider when choosing a belt size?

More few questions to consider when choosing a belt size?

There's greater diversity in fashion today than ever, so you'll have more options when selecting the right belt for your pants, dress, or skirt. Women's belts come in many sizes and styles, such as belts for jeans, high waist belts, hip belts, and more. 

To determine which belt size to buy, wrap a measuring tape around your waist, over your dress or through your belt loops, depending on what type of clothing you are wearing. Choose the nearest size since this is where the belt's centre hole will fit.

Women's belts can be confusing, especially when they're not labelled with measurements. These belts are often sized according to a generic size system rather than length. The chart below will help you determine what your perfect fit is!

How far should the belt stick out?

Once tightened, there should always be a few inches of leather protruding from the belt. This should be sufficient to tuck it beneath the belt loop (if it has one).

What if your belt size falls on an odd number?

The general rule is to always round up to the nearest size to ensure enough room to adjust if your body size changes slightly. 

Should your belt size be the same as your pant size?

Taking the time to measure yourself and determine your belt size can ensure that this essential accessory fits perfectly. It is advised that you measure your waist (while wearing your pants and via the belt loops) rather than depending on the information printed on the label of the pants or your other belts because some pant manufacturers do not conform to standard sizing.

Do leather belts stretch?

When worn for an extended period, leather belts will stretch. A leather belt can even stretch 1-3 inches over its lifetime. Like all other leather goods, prolonged use causes the leather belt to grow in size. 



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