The Style Concession: How to Slay Like a French Girl

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Bonjour mes ami!! Tu pale francais? Oui Oui....

That was the conversation I had with my photographer in Paris-France. .....

Just Kidding!! I am still here in the states ha-ha. This whole outfit had me feel all kinds of French vibes y'all!! I feel a whole dose of sophistication and Parisian flair. It’s been said many a time that French girls are the world’s most stylish although I feel this is debatable, I mean look at me lol (snaps finger )however, there is certainly no doubt that the French sisters know exactly how to play the game of high fashion. A perfect example would be the great Mademoiselle Chanel, how could they possibly get it wrong?

Well maybe it’s just the beret or the overall vintage feminine appeal that’s got us all up in our feels but all we know is, whatever this force is, it’s impossible to resist. So for this Look, I wanted to add the Parisian flair more than anything but I also wanted to be me and add my flair- Hence the Mommy jeans. If you follow me on Instagram I posted on how much I am loving mom jeans. Most French girls love the trim little pants or trousers if I may.

Tips on how to be très chic. Here's How:

  1. Buy and wear berets (Duh)-Red, black, white , green
  2. Get little trim pants/trousers
  3. Mini dresses styled with berets and oversized coats and black tights
  4. Turtle necks. Fall/winter must haves
  5. Vintage Floral scarves-Thrift em girl
  6. Mix colors (not the usual color blocks)- break the conventional style rules and style with oversized coats or shirts!
  7. Red and white-Red and white and right all over! When going monochromatic, try mixing checks/prints
  8. Wear sneaker with everything!
  9. Get familiar with gauchos (Calf-length pants with flared legs)-Pair them with stilettos heels or boots.
  10. Wear athletic socks and pumps to add a funky twist to any outfit.
  11. Wear a smile-This accessory is found not only in Paris but everywhere and anywhere. So there, I love that you are smiling right now.


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Till next time, its au revoir-Stay stylish and be You!

xoxo Pauline


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