5 Ways To Style Your Winter Outfits With Leather Belts

Winter is a great time to experiment with different fashion accessories, and leather belts are the most versatile and stylish choice to give your outfit some vibrance in the dull-coloured season. Here are some ways to style your winter outfits with leather belts this sweater weather season: 

1. Cinch belt over a coat

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If you're wearing a coat with a loose or boxy fit, a leather belt can help define your waist and create a more feminine silhouette. This works especially well with long coats, blazers or oversized jackets. Opt for a black leather knot belt for a chic and trendy look (left) or a classic black belt gold buckle for a more subtle office casual outfit (right). 

2. Layer it over a sweater dress

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A genuine leather belt can add a touch of sophistication to a cozy sweater dress. Choose a belt that matches the colour of your dress for a seamless look or go for a contrasting colour for a pop of interest. To match your winter outfit palette, a premium tan leather belt is a perfect and versatile choice that can easily go with any colour. 

3. Add a leather belt to a skirt

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A classic leather belt can give a plain skirt some edge and make it look more interesting. Try it with a midi or maxi skirt for a bohemian vibe or a mini skirt for a more daring look. Pair them with either an elegant pair of Mary Janes or knee-length boots in suede or leather. 

4. Keep it classic with a sweater and jeans

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Photos by The Julia Style Edit (in ROCKDALE Genuine Knot Leather Belt)

Nothing beats a comfortable and classic outfit. Pairing a staple sweater with your favourite pair of jeans (ripped one if you feel a bit rebellious) and you got yourself a simple yet sophisticated look (like what Julia did above). An elegant black knot leather belt like ROCKDALE is also essential to complement the colours of your sweater and jeans. Black is the ultimate colour that can be styled with anything, which helps keep your wardrobe minimal and versatile for a more sustainable fashion journey. Repeating outfits is an ethical and conscious way of consuming clothing - and it doesn't have to be boring with the right accessories! You can also go for a coloured belt for a pop of fun and contrast. 

5. The ultimate pairing - Leather belt with a leather jacket!

womens dress leather belt australiawomens dress leather belt australia

Pairing a leather jacket with a dress is a chic and edgy look that never goes out of style. Plus, it's the perfect way to add some warmth and texture to your outfit. It's suggested to keep the dress simple and classic, maybe a little black dress, a flowy midi dress or a minimal denim skirt, and then add a bold statement with the leather jacket. It's a great way to dress up or down, depending on the occasion. For the final touch, adding a trendy knot belt, wide waist-cinching leather belt or plaited leather belt will make the whole outfit look instantly more pulled together.





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