A whole new unique shopping experience - Only at Addison Road Australia.

Leather Belts for Sale | AddisonRoad

Personal Styling

Our passionate stylist team at Addison Road has put together a list of effective & trendy fashion styles from our high-profile products. Based on your preferences, we will create a set of fashion accessories tailored only for you. It's like having a personal stylist of your own.

Leather Belts for Sale | AddisonRoad

One-Of-A-Kind Experience

A totally unique, fun, and exciting way to level up your normal online shopping experience. Click and go is so yesterday.

Leather Belts for Sale | AddisonRoad

Free Shipping & Free Returns

Try on more ranges of items from the comfort of your home. Love something - Keep it. Don't like something - Just pop them back without any hassle or extra costs.

Leather Belts for Sale | AddisonRoad

Mysterious Gift

Ladies, a little surprise to spice up your day! One item from the set would be a complete mystery that of course have been chosen based on your preference. What's better than coming home to unboxing a mysterious gift? 

How does it work?

Simply answer some quick personal preference questions and choose/purchase from a range of our fashion style sets.

  • You only need to pay for the chosen style set (Free Shipping)
  • There will be 1 x mysterious product recommended for you included in the set.
  • Receive and try on the items in one week. After that, you decide which one to keep and pop back any unwanted items to us.

What's included in My Personal Stylist Set/Package?

After submitting your personal preference and paying for your chosen style sets, we will process your order right away and you will receive a package that includes accessories and a return label. You have one week to try them on and play around with your favorite clothing to see if they fit. Currently, this program is only available in Australia. 

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How to return unwanted products?

To return any items you do not want - simply put them back in the box and post the package with our provided return label. No extra cost. No hassle. After receiving your returns, we will issue you refunds for these products. Returned items must be in good/sellable condition and in original packaging. If any product is found damaged, a refund cannot be issued.

- Let's Get Started -

Step 1.

Personal Preferences

Please answer some quick questions about your fashion and color preferences for us to pick the best products for you. Click Submit when you finish, then proceed to step 2.

Step 2.

Choose Favourite Style Set

Choose from a range of our carefully-selected style sets below. Each set includes high-profile belts and bags at exclusively amazing prices altogether for different styles and occasions. The product in each set are fixed but will be curated further based on your personal preference, so rest assured that you will receive the items in your favorite colors!